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Become the owner of one of these one-of-a-kind boards! A work of art on a kiteboard or foilboard. Completely unique, so only available in the given models and sizes. Please contact us if you would like to have more information or a chat with the artists!


One-of-a-kind Art boards

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At Appletree Surfboards you can customise your board as much as you like with custom colours, insert positions, custom sizes, etc. But what happens when you ask 2 of Appletree’s board designers to go completely wild on a custom board art design? You get true unique works of art! The best part is that they are for sale and the profits are donated to charities chosen by our board artists Miguel and Joao. You have the chance to own a one-of-a-kind board! (boards will be available from the 23rd of August).

Behold the fruit!


Loose Stips - Joao Gomes

Board model and size: MALUS DOMESTICA 5’2”

Appletree’s allround kite surfboard for freestyle and kitesurfing small waves. A real chop killer and rides upwind like no other. 

Artist: João Gomes Gago

Charity chosen by João


Fenix - Miguel Pereira

Board model and size: PRO FOIL V2 4’7”/35,5L

The ultimate allround surf foil board. From paddling in steeper waves to tow-in sessions, as well as small mushy surf to wake foiling.

Artist: Miguel Pereira

Charity chosen by Miguel


The sight - Miguel Pereira

Board model and size: APPLESLICE V2 4’10”/70L

Our most versatile wing foil board. Flat water, waves or freestyle, because you love it all!

Artist: Miguel Pereira

Charity chosen by Miguel


Appleslice V2 Width Thickness Volume
4’10” 23.5” 4.01”  70L
Pro Foil V2 Width Thickness Volume
4’7” 19.6” 3.2”  35,5L
Malus Domestica Width Thickness Volume
5’2” 18.00 2.0” 22L






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