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Let’s use these boards for what they are made for, having fun on the water, instead of gathering dust in the factory!

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C.O.P. 5’2” A-grade

C.O.P. 5’2” A-grade

Grade: A-grade

Size: 5’2”

Construction: carbon fibre

Build strength: CF+

Fin boxes: Futures

More information on the board model itself (it’s an old model from the product range):

The C.O.P. has the characteristics that make a good noseless so nice to ride. It’s easy to get going and is very stable. It jumps and lands predictable and it is very easy to ride upwind. But in the waves it’s also a very nice surfboard. With a real surfboard feel. This is why we also offer this model as a standard surfboard to surf without a kite.

Kitesurfers who come from a twintip background, really like the noseless designs. But basically everyone loves the C.O.P.! It’s a perfect beginner kitesurf board. But is will also surprise any experienced rider. 

Easy to control, but slashy when you want it to.

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Once upon a time in the bustling factory of Appletree, where boards are crafted with precision and passion, a few professional blunders unfolded. It all began on a rainy day, with Prince’s “Purple Rain” echoing through the halls. The team, caught in the musical trance, accidentally infused a board with a vibrant purple pigment, mistaking it for the requested sunny orange. The board turned out stunning, albeit in a different colour.

Meanwhile, in the customer service department, someone got inspired by her newfound goal to master tow-in foil surfing, and enthusiastically added inserts to a custom board. However, this board was destined for a client who preferred cruising around in calm waters and didn’t need inserts.

Anyway, you get the point. Each board, although not what the original customer envisioned, is a masterpiece in its own right, crafted with the same passion and expertise as any Appletree creation. Perfect boards that got a little twist during the order or manufacturing process. It might not be the board for the one but is the dream board for the other!


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