Target production time for custom boards is 8 weeks.

After confirmation of order we will inform you about the actual production time.

If you would like more customisation, feel free to contact us!



The ideal “in between” board.

It’s a bit rounder than a Klokhuis performance model, but with a bit more performance than a Applepie. It’s a High performance Hybrid that fits equally well in anything from small gutless surf to overhead waves.

It features a deep single concave throughout the bottom, this gives optimal planing speed. together with the flatter rocker, this concave gives the board tons of speed. It’s easily the fastest board in the line up. You need a bit of surfing ability to get this board up to speed, but as an allround board it will fit many surfers in most conditions

When ordering a board custom from us, or any dealer you can choose the following options:

  • smaller or bigger than stock dims
  • squash-, square-, or swallowtail
  • Futures or FCS-2 fin boxes
  • custom color work  
  • name, phone number or anything else written on the stringer.



Elstar Width Thickness Volume Surfer weight *
5’8” 19.7” 2.2” 28 L <70 KG
5’10” 20” 2.3” 31 L 70-85 KG
6’0″ 20.3″ 2.4” 33.5 L 70-85 KG
6’2” 20.6” 2.5” 36 L 85< KG






*This is an indication and will also depend on your skills and fitness


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