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Let’s use these boards for what they are made for, having fun on the water, instead of gathering dust in the factory!

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Klokhouse Noseless convertible 5’4” A-grade

Klokhouse Noseless convertible 5’4” A-grade

Grade: A-grade

Size: 5’4”

Construction: glass fibre

Fin boxes: FCS2

When doing a foil convertible, you need a board without too much rocker, otherwise the foil angle will be too high. Also the board needs a fairly flat bottom, otherwise the foil will not fit. The only board in the Appletree range to have these characteristics is the Klokhouse Noseless. Luckily this is also the board that has the widest range, from small waves and strapless to big surf. So the Klokhouse Noseless convertible is the best of all in one package!

The foil box is locked in the board in the same way that we do it on our normal foil only boards. This is by far the strongest foil construction. The foil boxes never break or fail. Also this board comes with inserts for foot straps as standard, which is nice for foiling with speed and first time foilers. The construction is the normal Kite+ construction, with extra sandwich layers under the front foot.


One-off discount

As of 1 November 2022, we have moved to our new factory in Portugal! We are still in construction, so the grand opening is still to come. But the move has made us realise that we have quite a collection of B-grade boards or wrongly made boards by now. Eager to make a fresh start in the new factory, we have decided to offer one-off discounts on these boards.

Let’s use these boards for what they are made for, having fun on the water, instead of gathering dust in the factory!

Here’s how it works:

  • There are 2 grades, A-grade or B-grade. For each board, it will be specified whether it is a B-grade or an A-grade.
  • A-grades are 100% perfect boards that were just made the wrong color, size, or the order was canceled. These have full warranty.
  • Actual B-grades can have small sand-through repairs, ugly spots in color, too many pinholes, etc. What is wrong with them is clearly described per board. The B-grades come with a limited 6 month warranty, but we are very sure that there is nothing structurally wrong with them.
  • Check the pictures of the boards carefully, they give better details on why a board is a B-grade and what fin boxes a board has, for example.
  • All wing boards come with pads as normal, it’s just that some in the pictures do not have deck pads yet, we will install them before shipping.
  • Normal shipping rates apply.
  • Everything else is sold as is in the photo.
  • We cannot reserve any board, you buy it or you don’t.


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