The Mini Foil Kite Stock:

  • is available for order right now, in stock, with quick delivery worldwide
  • has Y and straight line shaped deck inserts as a standard
  • is made in our standard construction, so proven to be strong

The Mini Foil Kite Stock comes in two sizes: 3’6” and 4’2”. Choose your size below.

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Mini Foil Kite Stock

Mini Foil Kite Stock

The Mini Foil Kite Stock is part of our white-line boards. Despite the fact that the board is black. White-line means nothing more than a selection of our best-selling models and sizes in a standard construction with no custom options. All our foil boards are made of full carbon, including the White-Line. There is no glass fibre hidden underneath the carbon fibre. The Mini Foil Kite Stock has Y and straight line shaped deck inserts as a standard. You only have to choose the size, because we have already carefully selected the rest. White-line boards are available for order right now, in stock, with quick delivery worldwide.

Cruising around

The Mini Foil is our small and ultra light kite foil board. For cruising around and having the most fun on light wind days.

This board is super light and stiff, to give the best response. You can really feel the foils every move and control accordingly. Our experience in building the lightest and strongest carbon kiteboards to now also build the lightest and strongest foil board possible. In the standard configuration the 4’2 board is only 2.2KG’s. But the smaller ones are even lighter. And all of this in a matte black stealth carbon finish as standard.

Board features

The mini foil connects to your foil using two Futures US box tracks, which are positioned 90mm apart in the most common configuration to accept most foils in the market. This connection system is the strongest and lightest system available. The tracks are solidly mounted in a plate of extremely hard PET honeycomb with internal carbon to add even more strength. Wether it is carving, pumping, looping or sitting down, the boxes do not fail.

Hex-Skin construction

Hex-skin Glass

Our standard hex-skin construction, consists of the 50K foam core, the core is wrapped in a first layer of structural fibreglass, in a 45 degree orientation. This to keep the board as flexible as possible while making a very strong base. The deck is now layered with a honeycomb layer for more impact resistance. The bottom is left without honeycomb, again to maintain maximum flex.

All normal Klokhouse and Appleflap boards come with a single honeycomb layer. Optionally the glass boards can be ordered with an additional layer of honeycomb, specially for heavy footed riders. Normal use is fine without this layer, but sometimes you want this added durability. This is why ALL BOARDS UPTO 5’5” come WITH the additional layer of honeycomb. Because the smaller boards are used much more for strapless freestyle. 

We also use this extra layer to mount optional inserts, because riding with inserts adds a lot of stress to a very small and specific area of the board.

The board is  fully wrapped in another layer of fibreglass in the 0 and 90 degree orientation. The whole board, including fin boxes, leash plug and graphics is now pulled in a tight vacuum to compress all the layers together and to pressed onto the core for maximum connection. The board is then encased in the most sustainable epoxy resin available, this resin is tinted to give the boards their unique appearance. There are many colors available and even more on request! You can fully customise your boards appearance so it is unique and there is no one like it anywhere. After the boards are cured, they are hand finished and checked one by one to make sure the meet our exact standards, and you get the board of your dreams!

Hex-skin Carbon

Hex-skin Carbon is similar in composition to the hex-skin Glass boards. But instead of glass we use 100% carbon fibre, there is no glass hidden underneath the top layer of carbon. Using carbon makes the board lighter and it makes it stick to your feet even better. Because the board is so light, it flows over the chops a lot better than you might expect.

To give the carbon boards their unique look the deck is finished with a tinted resin, that can be customised, pick your own color or mix multiple for a truly one of a kind board.


Mini Foil  Width Thickness Volume Weight *
3’6” 18” 1,62” 16 L 1,8 KG
4’2” 18.4″ 1.82” 21 L 2.2 KG




*Weight of the lite version without inserts. The actual weight will differ slightly per board and can be about 5% less or more.


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Mini foil kite board