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Pro-foil Surf V2

The world’s best allround surf foil board just got better! 

The original Pro-Foil is a proven favourite with foilers all over the world and the sport is growing quickly. As surf foiling is developing, our design has too, and it’s now time for the V2 version of the Pro-Foil. The Pro-Foil V2 is the ultimate allround surf foil board. From paddling in steeper waves to tow-in sessions, as well as small mushy surf to wake foiling.

The original Pro-Foil was the first boat hull bottom foil board that set it apart from the rest with super-efficient paddling and the best release from the water upon takeoff. 

The deep V bottom helps with touchdowns and whitewater bashing. V2 has been refined even more with a slightly elongated middle section in the bottom and a redesigned tail for an even better release. The rails are also thinned out a bit, which make them easier to hold on to at take-off and while duck diving. 

Negative Angle, Positive Feeling!

The biggest innovation for the Pro-Foil is the new recessed deck with a slight negative angle of attack. We know this sounds strange, but hear us out! 

Firstly, the recessed deck is amazing for paddling as it ‘hugs’ your chest, allowing more control and power in your paddle. Once you have tried it, you will never go back to flat decks. 

The main benefit of the recess is we can now play with the attack angles of the board. A board with a bit of rocker in the bottom helps for better touchdown performance and easier takeoffs as it deflects the water down your board, and the rider upwards. This is the way you want to go, but the negative impact is your standing area on the deck will have an upward angle. This increases back foot pressure and is not good for foil control and makes pumping the board much harder. 

With the recessed deck we can increase the bottom rocker while keeping the standing area at 90 degrees to the foil tracks, but the fun doesn’t stop there… We can now also tune the angle of attack, and after numerous experiments, we have found that a slight negative angle vastly improves both the pump and the ride feel on a wave. 

The Pro-Foil V2 has a -0.3 degree negative angle between the standing area and the foil mast. 


Dings don’t have to be fixed right away

Our trusted Appletree technology is at the core of the new Pro-Foil. Our high density 100% waterproof foam, combined with a PET honeycomb double carbon fused foil box means that it will never fail. Appletree’s foil boards are by far the strongest in the market. A sustainable board that you can rely on for many sessions over many years. 


Key Design Features

Boat Hull V Bottom

A classic on its own, the boat hull V bottom gives you maximum tracking and stability when paddling. It naturally releases without that sticking feeling of deep concaves. 

Recessed Deck

More comfortable to paddle. More control over the foil. 

-0.3 Degree Negative Angle 

Gives a more natural feeling when surfing down the wave. Increases pump while decreasing back leg fatigue. 

Stock Or Custom

You can order the Pro-Foil as our standard stock model, or customise your ride. Stock boards are black clear carbon fibre and have no inserts. 

Customisations include colour choice or adding inserts for foot straps if needed. 

This allround surf foil board is super light and stiff to give the best response. You can really feel the foil’s every move and can control it accordingly. We used our experience in building the lightest and strongest carbon kiteboards to now also build the lightest and strongest foil board possible.

Appletree foil boxes

Appletree long foil boxes are for more foil placement flexibility and connect the foil to your carbon paddle foil board. The boxes are set in a high-density PET honeycomb, that in turn is sandwiched in carbon meaning carbon fibre is also used inside the board. This makes the foil connection ultra-strong, and really stiff for the perfect energy transfer from board to foil. 





It all starts with the core and every board we make starts with a foam core of our very own 50K closed cell foam. This foam is formalized exclusively for us, it is not used in any other board in the market.

The foam can withstand 50.000 kg per square meter, while staying very light, and most of all very flexible. Another plus of our 50K foam is that it is closed cell, meaning that the foam will not take in water, and the board will not blow out when it gets hot.



All our foil boards are produced in our 100% carbon fiber construction. You want carbon fiber in a foil board for its stiffness and strength. A stiff board will give you the best control and response from the foil. Also stiffness will make pumping the foil much more effective. With carbon fiber we are able to make the board extremely strong while really light at the same time.

The most stress in a foil board is in the connection of the foil to the board. So this is where we put extra care and attention to make it the strongest connection available. The foil mount is CNC cut with the board, for the highest precision. We only use FUTURES oneshot boxes as they are the strongest in the industry.  The boxes are placed in a panel of ultra high density PET honeycomb. This PET honeycomb itself is sandwiched in carbon again. Meaning there is carbon fiber both inside the board and outside. The honeycombs open structure ensures a solid connection between inside and outside, fusing everything together into a solid block.

Our lamination is completely different as well. We use a vacuum technique developed in house, where we layer all the carbon fiber, and reinforcements on the board dry. Then we extract all the air from the bag and inject the epoxy resin under pressure. This results in the tightest lamination possible, with the best ration between fiber and epoxy. It also gives 100% connection to the core so the boards do not delaminate. Extra patches under the feet prevent heel denting.

Inserts in our foil range are made from blocks of high density material. And can be customized position wise. These blocks are also fused to the core so they never pull out.

Pro Foil V2 Width Thickness Volume Deck angle Weight*
4’4” 18.8” 2.9” 29.3L -0,3” 2.59KG
4’5” 19.1” 3.0” 31.4L -0,3” 2.75KG
4’6” 19.3” 3.1” 33.4L -0,3” 2.89KG
4’7” 19.6” 3.2” 35.5L -0,3” 3.04KG
4’8” 19.8” 3.3” 37.5L -0,3” 3.04KG
4’9” 20.0” 3.4” 39.5L -0,3” 3.17KG
4’10” 20.1” 3.4” 41.5L -0,3” 3.23KG






*The actual weight will differ slightly per board and can be about 5% less or more.

3 reviews for Pro-foil Surf V2

  1. Eric Quesnel

    I have the 4’6 33L for 87kg et 183m. Less than 10 sessions from ridiculous to 1m50.
    Really impressed, so much easy paddling same for take of. And when foiling it is appreciate ta have a small board reactive and easy pumping (I still training…)
    The shape and construction are for many. And I am surprise no one else thought about this kind of shape.
    To resume: a very happy new customer and already order an Appletreesurfboards for kite foil.
    Go for it and you will not regret it.
    Cool this new brand arrive in France since a couple of month

  2. Alex Viera

    Riding the 4-10 190lbs – Been prone foiling for 3 years. This board has taken my foiling to the next level. The deck angle and low swing weight make a dramatic difference for pumping and carving. The board is a little more sensitive taking off side to side because of the bottom, the tradeoff is a board that is faster to get on foil. The construction is the ultimate in craftsmanship, just beautiful. I also have the 3-10 kite board for dock starting.

  3. Bruce Cummings

    I just took delivery of my 4’8 37.5L prone board. I’m 95Kg, and this was quite a large step down in size/volume for me, from 5’4 44L board.
    All I can say is…. WOW! Sure it takes a bit more energy on the paddle out, but it catches waves just as, if not more easily. The scooped deck with sunken chest position really seems to help getting into the wave. It feels very stable on the take off, my feet are easily in the right place.
    The biggest difference though comes in when it comes to pumping… I’m still learning, but the board feels super light and responsive, and is notably stiff.
    All i can say is… I LOVE IT!

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Pro Foil v2: allround surf foil board