João Gomes Gago

In short

  • Name: João Gomes Gago
  • Date of Birth: February, 3
  • Hometown: Lisbon
  • Favourite spot: Praia da Cresmina, Guincho
  • Favourite Appletree Surfboard: Appleflap

João grew up near the ocean. From an early age, surfing was important in his life. It gave him all the answers, energy and lots of inspiration. Back on the land, he always used his ocean-gained inspiration and thoughts to make sketches and drawings.

This man is eager to keep creating and discovering various materials to create amazing pieces of art. Both in his studio as well as in the Appletree factory. Since João started working in the factory, he developed a fascination and love for shaping surfboards as it brings his two biggest passions together.

“A surfboard can be shaped like a wave on the sea! When it’s finished you can feel a similar movement, especially with your hand, from the tail to the nose. You breath and think: well, this is perfect!”


João Gomes Gago

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