Johanna-Catharina Edin

In short

  • Name: Catharina Edin
  • Date of Birth: February, 3
  • Hometown: Varberg, Sweden
  • Favourite spot: Cape Town
  • Favourite Appletree Surfboard: Klokhouse 5'6

It was on a cold, autumn day in her hometown Varberg when she launched a kite for the very first time. Kiting became a true passion. It pushes her to get outside of her comfort zone. This year (2020) she focuses on her style and performance in riding. Together with her fysio and personal trainer she works on many different strength and mobility exercises. Which she can transmit to her riding. All to make most of the full GKA tour she will do this season! But for Catharina it’s not only about performance. It’s also about meeting amazing people on the way. She loves any type of watersport. On land she enjoys hiking the mountains, skiing, golfing, and road cycling. As long as she can go fast and get that adrenaline shot, she’s into it.

Catharina Edin

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