Pablo Amores

In short

  • Name: Pablo Amores
  • Date of Birth: 18/05/1995
  • Hometown: Tarifa
  • Favourite spot: Sal, One Eye and Tarifa
  • Favourite Appletree Surfboard: Klokhouse Noseless and Luke's Leaf

Growing up in a family that cherished the sea, with his father being a professional windsurf racer in the 90s, watersports was a natural part of his upbringing. Pablo started windsurfing at the age of 9.  At 14, he ventured into the world of surfing. Later, at 20, he embarked on his kite journey.

Pablo believes that a great session in the water has the power to uplift even the gloomiest of days, infusing a renewed sense of motivation and positivity. Traveling the globe to explore diverse kite spots, each with its unique conditions, backdrops, and vibes, is a special facet that keeps him fueled. The fact that Pablo is living with TDAH (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and is colour-blind only adds to his charm. And yes, he is the one who can charm the night away with his unmistakable snoring symphony.

This season, Pablo set to take on a few GKA stops, including Cabo Verde and Dakhla. While he won’t be on the entire tour, he’s eager to channel his energies into content creation, showcasing the enriching life that water sports can offer.

Pablo’s sights are set on mastering the elusive double front roll once again. Besides that he also wants to get more into wing foiling. He dreams of one day shaping his own boards and envisions a future in which he creates surf prototypes for his future children who go wild and have fun with these boards.

When not doing any watersports, Pablo finds solace and creativity in filmmaking and water sports photography. Additionally, he’s embraced the world of paragliding, describing it as sailing through the skies in three dimensions.

Pablo Amores

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