Varghees Antony

In short

  • Name: Varghees Antony
  • Date of Birth: 24 April
  • Hometown: Kovalam,Thiruvananthapuram, India - now living in Ericeira, Portugal
  • Favourite spot: Varkala, India
  • Favourite Appletree Surfboard: Malus Domestica

Surfing has been at the heart of Varghees’ life journey having grown up riding waves in Kovalam, India and going on to be a surf instructor. Always very practical, Varghees is good at using his hands and went from repairing boards as a kid, to becoming an integral part of our team specialised in the glassing stage of the Appletree production line.

Varghees loves catching barrels learning at the hollow Indian beach breaks and then traveling to South America and across the world in search of waves. He’s hoping to hone his first steps into kitesurfing and also enjoys others sports like football as well as has an interest in carpentry.




Varghees  Antony

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