Vetea Boersma

In short

  • Name: Vetea Boersma
  • Date of Birth: 9/12/2000
  • Hometown: Hood River, Oregon
  • Favourite spot: Capetown, South Africa
  • Favourite Appletree Surfboard: Luke's Leaf

Growing up amidst the waters, Vetea Boersma, influenced by his father, a seasoned professional windsurfer and silver medalist, developed a profound fascination for kiting. His initiation into the sport began with freestyle kiteboarding, gradually leading him to explore the realms of big air and eventually embracing the strapless kiting. Throughout his journey, Vetea has held a deep admiration for riders who demonstrate excellence across various styles, showcasing their prowess in diverse conditions.

Vetea endeavours to fuse freestyle, strapless, and wave riding, infusing each with a distinctive touch of style. His attention is particularly drawn to the challenge of conquering big waves, setting it as a personal goal. For Vetea, the adrenaline rush experienced in those critical moments adds an electrifying dimension to the sport, enhancing the overall thrill of the adventure.

Vetea Boersma shares a desire to participate in a GKA strapless wave event. However, his primary inclination lies in crafting captivating edits and developing a unique personal style. Vetea voices a sentiment that contemporary contests seem to emphasise the quantity of spins rather than appreciating the artistry and style infused into the execution of tricks.

When Vetea is not on the water, he likes to show off his dance moves or play a game of basketball.

Vetea Boersma

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