3 facts about our waterproof 50K foam!


Last couple of months we’ve been testing a lot with new materials. We found foam stronger than we ever used before. Formalized exclusively for us. We’re very stoked to tell you a bit more about our newest foam: 50K closed cell foam. 

Waterproof surfboard foam

1. It withstands 50.000 kg per square meter

Why 50K? Well, that’s easy. The foam can withstand 50.000 kg per square meter. That means that the board can handle more pressure and the risks of getting a crack or ding is considerably smaller. Our teamriders have done their utmost to get pressure dings, but even after riding 6 meter high waves and doing sick jumps and tricks there was nothing to see!

2. It will not take in water

Of course we can’t guarantee that you never get a crack or ding. But then there’s another really cool thing about our new foam. It is closed cell. Which means that if you have a crack, the foam will not take in the water. This way your board doesn’t need immediate repair and you can first finish your well deserved trip! Also it won’t blow out when it gets hot. So even more reason to find your way to the tropics! Note, eventually a repair is advised.

3. It’s hard to shape

50K foam is not easy to shape. Most of the shaping machines will have great trouble shaping the foam and only hand shaping is simply not possible. We’re very stoked that our engineers made it possible to design a machine that was actually able to handle the foam! Now we can’t only shape the foam, we’re also able to create channels and contours, straight from the machine!  


Are you curious what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure we customize the board you want!