Behind the scenes Appletree Surfboards Factory


Behind the scenes at the Appletree Surfboards factory

How it’s made Behind the scenes at the Appletree Surfboards Factory. We would like to …Lees verder


The Indian Christmas Connection

Recently the Appletree team got together to discuss ideas for Christmas as we want to …Lees verder

Flex in kite surfboards


Tech Talk: flex in kite surfboards

Different flex patterns in kite surfboards Welcome back to another Appletree Surfboards Tech Talk video. …Lees verder

Sensation - short kite surf film


Sensation – short kitesurf film

Catharina: “I imagined how I wanted to showcase kitesurfing in an athletic way yet from …Lees verder


Tech Talk: 5 reasons why board weight matters

Does board weight actually matter? Today we’re going to discuss board weight and if or …Lees verder

Fin types on a kite surfboard or a directional kiteboard


Tech Talk: Fin types on a kite surfboard

Welcome back to a brand new series of Appletree tech talk videos! We’re going to …Lees verder

The Last Line - documentary


The Last Line

For ‘The Last Line’, team rider Roderick Pijls and photographer Rein Rijke  have once again …Lees verder

polyester vs epoxy resin surfboards


Tech Talk: epoxy vs polyester resin surfboards

In these Tech-Talk videos we will answer all your board related questions. From polyester vs epoxy …Lees verder

make a wish surfboard


Make A Wish

A few months ago, Appletree Surfboards was approached by the Make A Wish foundation. This …Lees verder

foil the world first impression appleslice surf


Appleslice Surf, first impression by Foil the World

Let’s see what Brian from Foil the World has to say about the Appleslice Surf! …Lees verder

Red Bull King of the Air 2021


Red Bull King of the Air 2021

Team Rider, Luke McGillewie: A chance to participate in Red Bull’s King of the Air 2021 …Lees verder

Epoxy resin on a kite surfboard or foil board


Tech Talk: Resin board art

In these Tech-Talk videos we will answer all your board related questions. From volume to the …Lees verder

Why the volume in a kitesurf board matters


Tech Talk: kiteboard volume

In these Tech-Talk videos we will answer all your board related questions. From volume to the …Lees verder

Appletree White Line strong kiteboard shapes

A White Line in raw North Sea conditions

Strong construction and well thought out shapes It has been about a year since we …Lees verder

Pro foil surf


First Dutch Foil Surfing Championship great success!

Written by Martijn van Hoek: Hydrofoil Surfing, it sounds like something special, and it is. …Lees verder

Tech Talk: Kiteboard rocker, kiteboard design


Tech Talk: kiteboard rocker

In these Tech-Talk videos we will answer all your board related questions. From volume to the …Lees verder

Kiteboard outline: from super parallel to a rounded outline


Tech Talk: kiteboard outline

In these Tech-Talk videos we will answer all your board related questions. From volume to different …Lees verder

Martijn, Appletree's surf foiling ambassador

For the love of surf foiling

Written by Martijn, Appletree’s surf foiling ambassador A new addiction I dream about foiling, I …Lees verder

How a Appletree kiteboard is made - Jeroen Meere Sanding Appletree Kiteboard

Before your board is finished: a quick look at the craftsmans’ challenges

‘There are many steps in making a surf- or kiteboard like we do at Appletree …Lees verder

Wave kitesurfing in chile


Wave kite spots in Chile

Written by Evelien Bolle “Chile, a wave kite spot that has been on my bucket …Lees verder

Kiteboard ranges, how to choose the right kiteboard?


Tech Talk: kiteboard ranges

In these Tech-Talk videos we will answer all your board related questions. From outline to different …Lees verder

Appletree team rider Johanna-Catharina with her favourite kite board the Klokhouse Noseless


New team rider announcement!

For weeks we have been secretly preparing the announcement of our new team rider. It …Lees verder

Appletree White Line kiteboard Appleflap Noseless grabrail


Tech Talk: White-Line kiteboard construction

This Tech Talk video explains everything there is to know about our White-Line kiteboard construction. …Lees verder

kitesurfing on a carbon kiteboard in waves in Cape Town


Why you should go wave kitesurfing in Cape Town

Looking for one of the best wave kiting spots in the world? A place where …Lees verder

Appletree crew member Joao sanding kiteboard in factory Appletree Surfboards


Tech-Talk: kitesurfboard vs. surfboard construction

In these Tech-Talk videos we will answer all your board related questions. From deck pads to …Lees verder

A video about fin setups on a kite surfboard


Tech talk: thruster vs. quad fin setup

In these Tech-Talk videos we will answer all your board related questions. From deck pads to …Lees verder

Foil the World reviews the Pro Foil Surf


Review Pro Foil Surf

There is one board in particular that has been generating a lot of interest lately: …Lees verder

Answered questions about hydrofoil boards


Five questions about hydrofoil boards answered

What is a foil board and how does it work? Let’s start at the beginning. …Lees verder

Roderick Pijls skeleton bay surf


A world-class wave that rarely breaks

Skeleton bay, Namibia A world-class wave that only rarely breaks in summertime. The wave that …Lees verder

Roderick Pijls searching for waves in Namib desert


Skeleton bay, Namibia: on the bucket list of many surfers

Rumors quickly buzzed through in Cape Town. The weather forecasts were very promising for Skeleton …Lees verder

he Klockhouse Noseless is our most allround wave kiteboard



We introduce to you the White-Line! The boards are a selection of our best selling …Lees verder

Tech Talk with Roderick Pijls about Appletree Surfboards



Whats the difference between the Klokhouse and the Appleflap? In what conditions you go for …Lees verder


Gofko’s board choice

We’re very stoked to have Georgi Vasilev, aka Gofko, in our team of International riders! …Lees verder

Roderick Pijls Appleflap kite surfboard pin tail


Roderick Pijls about the GKA competition in Mauritius

Mauritius, known for its world-class reef-breaks, is this years venue for the GKA tourstop. In …Lees verder

Appletree Surfboards, a clean shaping bay


How we deal with sustainability

As a group of surfers we all love to travel around the world to the …Lees verder

kitesurf video Appletree Surfboards


The Strongest, the lightest, the best!

Appletree Surfboards brand movie We are very proud to present you the first Appletree Surfboards …Lees verder

shaper at work in de shaping bay of appletree surfboards


3 facts about our waterproof 50K foam!

Last couple of months we’ve been testing a lot with new materials. We found foam …Lees verder


Paulino Pereira at the first GKA stop!

Last week Paulino Pereira participated the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cape Verde 2019.  The conditions …Lees verder


Meanwhile in Portugal..

Yes! Last week we said goodbye to our factory in Rijswijk. We’ve broken down the …Lees verder


unbreakable beast

A few months ago we designed a tow in board for the owner of Surfshop …Lees verder


We’re moving to Portugal!

You may have heard about it, but since it’s almost there we thought you all …Lees verder

Foiling with Appletree pro foil


Here’s why you should start foil surfing!

To give you a few reasons: Whether you surf or kitesurf, we’re pretty sure you’re …Lees verder



Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the shaping process of a kite surfboard! …Lees verder