Warranty & Repairs


If you own an Appletree board then you’ve already significantly reduced the likelihood of dinging or breaking your board. But if that does happen -because, yeah, you will rip very hard on our boards- we’ve got your back. Our boards can be repaired like any other EPOXY surfboard. just make sure you use EPOXY resin and nothing else. When you take your board to a professional ding repair, make sure they are going to use EPOXY on your board. did I say EPOXY enough? The boards are made from watertight foam, so a small repair can wait a few sessions but never leave it too long, especially damage around the fin box area should be dealt with as soon as possible, as the pressure on the fin might “pump” water into the core, even our waterproof foam can still get wet in that case. If you or your repair man have any questions regarding a repair always feel free to contact us and we’ll talk over the details and process. We’ll get you back up and riding as soon as possible!



We take much pride in the quality of our work. So if you find yourself in the rare and unfortunate situation where you feel unsatisfied about the quality of the board, please let us know. All boards come with a limited 1 year warranty against manufacturing errors. Warranty is only available to the original buyer, any re-sale of the product voids warranty. Excluded from warranty: Damage from normal wear and normal usage. Damage from any impact, including hard landings on the water. although our boards are made very strong, we cannot guaranty damage from excessive jumping. Always make sure you have enough support from your kite when landing jumps. Finbox damage from hitting the bottom, do not use the boards in water that is shallower than knee deep. Before returning your board to us, please do contact us so we can establish the issue and procedure in advance.