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Strong, light and incredibly well designed.
Without producing unnecessary waste.



We partner with leading shops around the world who share our vision to give customers the best advice in choosing a high-tech board and shape that will enable them to improve their kite techniques. Personal service is key, but you’ll find the boards will sell themselves, and here’s why…


Why Appletree boards are different:

Shape – 

Pushing the limits of design, we have an urge to develop technology further and to come up with new ideas and shapes to push the limits of performance. Appletree is unique in producing 100% of our boards in our own factory. This makes prototyping much faster and means that our shapes are in constant development.


Technology – 

Our CNC machines are fully designed and built in-house able to not only mill the most durable 50K foam, but also create channels and extreme contours straight from the machine. After shaping, carefully engineered layers of glass and/or carbon fibre wrap each board before being vacuum injected to fuse everything together into one solid board without any weak points.


Sustainable – 

Appletree Surfboards is officially approved by Sustainable Surf and we keep the ecological impact of production as low as possible. We believe the best way to do this is by making a product that lasts as long as possible as the longer a surfer enjoys a board, the less impact it has on the environment.


Benefits of becoming an Appletree partner:

No Warranty Issues – 

Stocking the most durable boards on the market means happy customers without breakage issues. Since being founded, Appletree has had almost zero warranty cases. Having said that all our boards come with a limited 1-year warranty protecting against unlikely manufacturing errors.


White Line Range – 

We developed a core range designed specifically for shops based on a selection of our best selling models and sizes. The range is a cross-section that will cater to most riders in all conditions and are cheaper than custom boards, aimed at buyers that want the product straight away.


50K Closed Cell Foam – 

Used exclusively by Appletree and cannot be found in any other board in the market. This lightweight foam can withstand 50.000 kg per square metre yet remains very flexible. It’s white and stays white, even after long exposure to UV light, and the closed cells prevent blow out when it gets hot. The foam won’t even take on water, meaning a small crack or ding won’t even need immediate repair!


No Seasonal Trends – 

Our products don’t go out of date and you won’t need to update your stock to satisfy trends, nor need to worry about price reductions.


Made and Hand Finished in Europe – 

Produced in Portugal in our own factory using 95% of materials from Europe, we ship worldwide without being reliant on anyone else to get our boards into the hands of the people.


Appletree Support – 

The Appletree family is a small team flexible enough to be able to offer unique help to support your sales and keep your customers happy. We are able to provide content and full product information, as well as offer marketing materials and potentially partner with you to offer demo tours too.



Dealer Application

Our goal is for our partners to be able to provide customers with a buying experience
that offers a personalised service that demonstrates our unique premium board range.

If you think Appletree could be the right fit, then please get in touch: