The AppleSlice V3 has arrived!


Introducing the AppleSlice V3, the next generation of freeride wing boards. Longer, narrower, faster, the Slice V3 sets a new bar for performance! Enjoy longer rides, enhanced agility and forgiving handling – all in one design. This is our favorite allround Wing board to date, we hope it will be yours too. 


It’s the next iteration in our flagship AppleSlice lineup. We kept everything that we liked from the V2 and got rid of everything we didn’t! How could we make the AppleSlice any better? The V3 improves upon a great platform by focusing on ease of use, while not sacrificing high end performance. 

Appleslice V3 Beach shot

Want the Tech?

Longer and narrower: The Slice V3 is longer and narrower per size, giving the board the ability to have an optimized rocker line while still maintaining the desired liters. Why does that matter? Having an optimized rocker line is a critical part of board design, especially for early takeoff and touchdown forgiveness. The V3 launches onto foil incredibly fast and doesn’t grab or pull when you touch it down on the water.

Sharper rails: The Slice V3 features sharper rails where the bevel meets the bottom of the board, providing fast planing and quick release from the water.

Pulled-in rails: In addition to being narrower, the Slice V3 has tucked-in rails and tail, offering the rider the most margin of error when riding in critical sections or learning new maneuvers.

Displacement under the front foot: Similar to our skipper range, the Slice V3 has a bit of extra displacement under the front foot. This, combined with the double concave at the nose, creates a seamless reentry or touchdown, providing maximum forgiveness while on foil.

Reduced rail radius: Reducing the rail radius on the Slice V3 allowed us to shape a narrow board without making it hard to control. There is still plenty of deck space to allow for a really locked-in feel, ample control, and the ability to adjust your feet as much as you like.

This board will elevate your riding. Regardless of your skill level, there is always a need for forgiveness among all riders. We all make mistakes, and being bailed out by your gear is the best feeling ever, this board will come to your rescue more often than not. And when it doesn’t, it quickly fires back onto the foil so fast that you won’t even realize you fell over.

Your top-end performance will not waver; whether boosting, cranking turns, or going fast, this board does it all while minimizing your crashes. It’s the best yet, the Appleslice V3.