Tech Talk: Appleslice V2 vs. Appleslice V3


The Appleslice V3 is finally here! Before I get into the video, just check out how gorgeous of a board this thing is. I couldn’t be more psyched with it. This is really my first chance that I’ve been riding this thing past week. Absolutely love it. It’s really sweet. Cannot wait to see some of you guys get your hands on these and hear the feedback from them. I think you’re going to really love it.

In this video, I’ll discuss the differences between the AppleSlice V2 and V3. Whether you own the V2 or were considering it, I’ll cover the upgrades and changes you need to know about the Slice V3.

Technical changes

So we’ll start with the technical changes. What’s actually different in the design of the two boards? For, for the most part, the V3 has a few main differences from the V2 that really are optimizing the design.

appleslice V3 product photo

Longer and narrower

It’s longer and narrower. So dimensionally speaking, it’s longer and narrower per literage size. It’s running from 40 liters all the way up to a hundred liters. And for example, this board here is a 60 liter board, 5’0” by 21. 5”. This board over here is a 50 liter board and it’s 4’8” and also 21.5”. So each size is longer and narrower.

Sharper rails

Secondly, in terms of just the shape of the board, and this is going to be true throughout the whole size run, is that the rails are a bit sharper.

You can see on this board, the rails are sharper than the V2 here, and they’re also going to be pulled in and given a more clearance to the rails.

Optimized rocker line

It’s going to have a more optimized rocker line than the V2. Throughout some more concaving, double concave up here on the nose here. And then the decks are similar. This one’s going to be a little bit more recessed under the front foot.

Narrow tail

And then finally you have the tail, which is a more exaggerated version of the V2. The tail of the V3 is quite a bit narrower than the previous version, this helps with the ability to turn in waves. 


What does this mean on the water?

So that’s the technical side of it. But what does that do? Why does that translate into a better feeling board? In comparison to the V2, the V3 is just going to release off the water so much easier.

mateo on the Appleslice V3

Gets on foil really easy

I think it’s overall a more forgiving board for a bunch of different reasons. First of all, like you don’t have to work the board so hard to release surface tension when you’re trying to get up and go onto foil. So you don’t have to really hammer on the pump. This thing just kind of like lifts itself up, hops on the plane really fast. And next thing you know, you’re foiling with very little board input.

You can keep the board relatively quiet while you’re getting it up onto foil. That’s super nice. If you don’t have a really dialed pump technique or your rhythm isn’t perfect and when you’re trying to get up, it’s just gonna allow you to have a little bit worse rhythm. If you’re having an off day or you’re still trying to figure it out.

Forgiving when touching down

Secondly, it kind of skips off the water. Due to the sort of redesigned nose shape, it releases super well off the water. If it’s a little turbulent day or having some pitch instability or gusty day with the wing, whatever, that’s making it harder to control the pitch of your foil and you end up touching your board a lot. This is going to be way more forgiving than the V2. You’re going to be able to keep your balance much better throughout any sort of hiccup along the riding. There’s not going to be any sort of grab.

Control over the foil

The rails are tucked in, like I said, and then up top, even though it’s a narrower board per size, the rail radius on top is still pretty small, allowing you to have like tons of clearance on your deck for your stance. And a lot of people have different stances. Some people are super offset and it just allows maximum control over the roll of the foil with this board with the smaller radius deck because it’s narrower. So it doesn’t actually feel like a super twitchy narrow board. You still have a lot of control over the foil on a narrow platform board here.

Suitable for a variety of conditions

The other thing that’s amazing for me, and hopefully for everyone else too, is the range of this board. I’ve been out here in Maui for the past couple of weeks, really giving it a run for its money and actually been lucky to have a variety of conditions to test it in.

Everything from flat water and light winds to flat water and gusty winds to big waves, no wind, big waves, lots of wind, whatever you can think of. I’ve pretty much had those conditions these past couple of weeks. And this thing, I’ve been super impressed of how it handles it all on almost the same foil every day. And obviously swapping wing sizes a little bit, as the wind speeds change. But the range and variety of usage has been amazing. It really is going to be a one board quiver killer.

Appleslice V3 demo on beach

Demo boards

Could not be more excited with how the AppleSlice V3 turned out. Really, really stoked for you guys to get a chance to ride it! I live in hood river. We’ll have a demo fleet there. We also have a demo fleet in Europe and we will do a demo tour. Or reach out to your local shops. They might have a demo option for you.


Super excited to be announcing the launch of this board. Really hope you guys love it as much as I do. Cheers and I’ll see you guys out in the water!

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