All our new boards now come with NFC tags located in the tails, just under the leash plug. If you’ve recently received or ordered a board from Appletree, you’ll likely see a logo around the leash plug asking you to scan it. This logo indicates an NFC tag underneath. Don’t worry, it doesn’t actively track anything and requires no battery or charger.

Register your board

The NFC tags provide a wealth of information about your board, including a product passport, lost and found registration, and more. Scanning it links the board to you, so if it’s ever lost or stolen and someone scans it, we can help return it to you.

You’ll also have access to our system with detailed information about your specific board model, including maintenance and repair tips. In the future, you’ll get even more information, such as traceability and durability.

How to scan?

It’s pretty easy. Just watch the video below and register your board! Some phone cases block reception, so if it fails to scan the board, be sure to remove your phone case first.

NFC on Android

Make sure NFC is enabled on your Android phone.