APPLESLICE V2: push the future of winging even further!


Wing foiling is one of the fastest developing sports in the world at the moment. The progression has been immense. What was once slowly cruising back and forth, is now flips, spins, riding waves, down winding as well as racing. It was certainly time for us to take another look at our Appleslice wing board and make some adjustments to match the demand in the sport. And make sure we can push the future of winging even further! 

Appleslice V2 the future of winging

Introducing the Appleslice V2

Out now, the Appleslice Wing V2 is an evolution of our popular Appleslice model, with a new refined shape and some innovative features. The Slice V2 has been primarily designed with both flatwater racing and wave riding in mind, to pair alongside our more freestyle focused wing board, the Jazz

The Appleslice V2 is a freeride model that caters to a broad audience of riders. Built in our solid Appletree construction, the Appleslice V2 will allow you to put your winging through its paces and can even withstand you trying jumps and freestyle tricks on it.

What’s new?

Recess deck

New is the recess deck, which allows us to put more rocker in a board without changing the angle between the foil New for V2 is the recessed deck, which allows us to put more rocker in a board without changing the angle between the foil and the stance section, which remains 90 degrees. You don’t want to have the standing area over 90 degrees as it would be too much and give you the feeling of standing on a slope and less control over the foil. However, if the bottom has an angle slightly over 90 degrees it helps the board to gain speed as well as deflect the board back up if you touchdown. Creating a recess in the deck solves this challenge and optimises your ride.

Appleslice V2 the future of winging

Less sticky

The entry shape of the Appleslice V2 is quite unique. It features a boat hull type bottom that quickly flattens out under the front foot. This makes the Slice V2 much less sticky compared to the Appleslice V1. Similar to a race boat, this hull shape helps deflect the water when accelerating. You can really go a size smaller than you’d think. The Appleslice V2 takes off like a bigger board, without the disadvantages of a bigger board in length and weight. 

The rails of the Appleslice V2 are bevelled. This helps when wave riding and racing especially if you hit the water with the rail when racing upwind or making tight turns. 

Appleslice V2 the future of winging

Great balance

The Appleslice V2 has a relatively compact shape. It’s not as short as the Jazz, but still quite compact. The Appleslice V2 is especially narrower and slightly longer than the Jazz. And the balance is completely different. The Jazz has its volume forward to recover quickly after a landing, whereas the Appleslice is much more balanced. You’re more centred above the volume, which reduces the swing weight a bit. Making it easy to balance when on the knees. And once on the foil, the board feels nicely balanced and is easy to turn and manoeuvre.

More sizes to choose from

The range has been extended with more sizes, ensuring that everyone can find a size to suit them. The size range starts at a very low volume. The smallest two sizes of the Slice V2 can also be used as a prone foil surfboard, or might be chosen by more accomplished riders that can get away with limited volume. Going up in the volume range the boards get increasingly easier to ride with the largest topping out at a 110L in 5’7 length, ideal for heavier riders in low wind conditions.

wing foil boards

Compatible with the new high aspect foils

The foil tracks in the Appleslice V2 are placed slightly forward to accommodate the use of newer high aspect foils that work better when placed more at the front. 

Check out the full product details, and don’t forget that we also offer custom options if you want to really stand out on the water! 


Photo credits: Ricardo Pinto