Gofko’s board choice


We’re very stoked to have Georgi Vasilev, aka Gofko, in our team of International riders! Last week he picked up his new toys: Luke’s Leaf and Applino. We asked him to tell us about his board choice!

Luke’s Leaf

“I decided to take the Luke’s Leaf in the carbon construction cause it’s very strong. Also the board is only 2.3 kg which is a big advantage in light winds! It makes it so easy to take off frontrolls, backrolls and to throw it in the air! It’s like a feather! The board lands pretty stiff, so make sure you got those leg muscles powered up!”



“The Applino is my wave weapon! I chose this board in hex skin glass in the standard construction. The outlines of the board suits all my desires for the perfect wave board: short but pointy, thin tail and very snappy on the turns! Got it in the normal construction for more flex and a better response to my maneuvers on the wave. The grab rails makes it easy to do all the tricks I want. This board is awesome and I recommend it for anyone that want to mix a bit of both!”