A world-class wave that rarely breaks


Skeleton bay, Namibia

A world-class wave that only rarely breaks in summertime. The wave that is known for its endless barrels that touch perfection. Imagine a 22-hour journey through no man’s land. Without a phone signal, so dependent on an old-fashioned map. Only to end up somewhere that many of us can only dream of. Sounds almost too good to be true? For Roderick it wasn’t all puppies and sunshine either…..

Video credit: Jop Heemskerk

Which board to choose for such a world-class wave?

The wave is clearly only for experienced riders. Because of the extreme currents, knee deep water and offshore winds. Roderick brought two boards to Skeleton Bay: his 5’8” Klokhouse and his 5’10” Appleflap. The Klokhouse for head-high waves and the Appleflap for when the waves are bigger, steeper and more hollow. He ended up choosing his Klokhouse.