Roderick Pijls about the GKA competition in Mauritius


Mauritius, known for its world-class reef-breaks, is this years venue for the GKA tourstop. In contrast to what most people would think it is not held at the famous One Eye. But on another break just 20km upwind in Bel Ombre. Teamrider Roderick Pijls is there to compete with the best of the world. Read his experience below!

Teamrider Roderick Pijls in Mauritius
Photo: Svetlana Romantsova

Getting used to the conditions

Roderick: “I got a week prior to the event to get used to the conditions and to scope out the event site. After getting several training sessions in I started appreciating the wave more and more. It is definitely not a long running wave like One-Eye. However, there are opportunities to score a 3 turn wave. And to sneak in a little barrel at the end section of the wave.” 

photo: Ydwer

“During my first heat of the competition I had to compete underpowered in 14 knots wind, with my 11. After my first wave I got stuck in the channel I, unfortunately, didn´t managed to get upwind again to get a back-up wave. In my second heat I was against local rider Louis Marvin, who knows the waves in Mauritius like no one else, which was set to be a strong opponent. In contrast with my first heat I had enough power on my 11 and the waves were overhead to sometimes double-overhead.

After getting several good waves and a little barrel I was feeling more confident and knew I had to focus on my wave selection and to score bigger waves (as this really sets higher scores for the judges). Unfortunately due to a worse wave selection compared to Louis Marvin I got kicked out in my second heat. Nevertheless I was happy with my riding in my heat and Louis just had a better wave selection, which gives me, again, motivation to focus on that.”

photo: Ydwer

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