Filipe Banov

In short

  • Name: Filipe Banov
  • Date of Birth: 10/08/1988
  • Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Favourite spot: São Julião, Portugal
  • Favourite Appletree Surfboard: Big Apple

Filipe began surfing in 2021, a few months after joining the Appletree team. For him, the sport offers more than just a connection with the ocean; it’s a way to cultivate valuable life skills such as patience, handling frustration, non-linear progress, and trusting the process.

Before his current role at Appletree, Filipe had a completely different lifestyle, working as a legal advisor in São Paulo until 2017. That year, he began travelling the world, taking on various jobs such as farmhand, cleaner, bartender, construction worker, and waiter. He eventually found his way to Portugal, where he joined Appletree as a factory worker in board production and decided to settle down.

Now an Account Manager, Filipe oversees order processing and follow-ups for shops and direct customers. His role also includes shipping coordination and board packaging. Customers can reach out to him for updates on order status, board features, delivery dates, and more.

What makes working for Appletree fun for Filipe is knowing that we have a great team, committed to making awesome boards and send them all over the world. Having a Ping Pong table and free beers and chips on Fridays is also pretty fun.

Travelling is Filipe’s greatest passion. His time as a backpacker for almost three years remains the best phase of his life, and he is always planning his next adventure. The thrill of exploring new places is something he never tires of.


Filipe Banov

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