Marijke Dijkstra

In short

  • Name: Marijke Dijkstra
  • Date of Birth: Januari, 5
  • Hometown: Amsterdam
  • Favourite spot: Mompiche, Ecuador
  • Favourite Appletree Surfboard: Big Apple

This sea-loving-lady is driven to make sure everyone knows about Appletree Surfboards!
By trade she is a goldsmith, with years of experience having her own sustainable jewelry brand.
She now uses her skills and creativity to design campaigns and strategies to tell the authentic story of Appletree Surfboards.
Driven by the power of nature and passionate about advocating for her. As watching the waves never bores her, she also loves to capture surf from the beach.
Her office is based in Holland but you can also find her on the beach during the Appletree demo-days all over the world.

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Marijke Dijkstra

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