Tech Talk: kiteboard outline


In these Tech-Talk videos we will answer all your board related questions. From volume to different kiteboard outlines. Ask your questions via social media or send us an email. We will answer them in our next videos!

From a rounded outline to a super parallel outline

Part two of the series “kiteboard design” is out. The first episode was about the different kiteboard ranges. This episode is about the outline of a board. What exactly does an outline do for your board. And why is it often one of the first things a shaper starts with?

The outline of a kiteboard is one of the first things you see. Together with the rocker, rail lines and volume it sort of gives the board its characteristics. In this video, Wieger goes deeper into the outline of a kiteboard, and explains how it affects the performance of a kiteboard. Understanding board design can help a lot when trying to find your next board!


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