The Last Line


For ‘The Last Line’, team rider Roderick Pijls and photographer Rein Rijke  have once again pushed the boundaries of what is physically possible. After  their successful attempt kitesurfing on a toxic hot lake in Tanzania in 2018,  the adventurous duo headed to the highlands of Iceland last October to  kitesurf in craters of volcanoes, between icebergs of glaciers and on the edge  of a waterfall. Photographer Rein Rijke made another beautiful series of  photos of this adventure. New to this adventure was that this time the duo  was also followed for the documentary: The Last Line – Iceland. This  documentary can be viewed online for free!


The Last Line raises awareness for nature’s beauty  

The Last Line is an initiative of friends Rein (photographer) and Roderick (Team rider of Appletree Surfboards). Together the duo goes in search of special lakes, rivers and seas around the world to  kite in. The more extreme, the better. 

Rein Rijke: “We want to show the viewer in a special way how beautiful our planet is  and how great it is to experience adventure in the raw, in this case Icelandic,  landscapes and kitesurfing in these places.” 

Roderick Pijls: “At the same time, we see all around us that nature is changing  negatively due to the influence of humans. With the project ‘The Last Line’ we  showcase locations that may soon no longer be there. We hope to create a bit of  awareness about why we should all make decisions more consciously. The impact of  climate change is real. Nature is not finite. ”  


After months of preparation, the duo traveled through the interior of rugged Iceland  last October in search of amazing locations. Roderick made it happen to kitesurf in a  hard-to-reach volcano crater, between icebergs of a glacial lake and kite down a river  that ended in a beautiful waterfall. While Rein captured it all with his camera.  

Rein Rijke: “We had to make a number of attempts before we succeeded to kitesurf  inside the volcano crater. After descending into the crater, the wind was extremely  turbulent. The wind literally went in all directions and that resulted in tough  conditions, especially for Roderick. ”  

Roderick Pijls: “It is a constant challenge. I want to kite there, Rein wants that shot.  But there are a number of times when we have to make difficult choices. This  documentary is about much more than just the photo. It is the journey, the  excitement, the setback and the success. All of this happens against the beautiful  background of Iceland.  

Premiere The Last Line – Iceland  

The official launch date of the documentary ‘The Last Line – Iceland’ is 11 May, but you are in luck, because we get to share the video with you already! Check the film, produced by Kiwi Aerial Shots!