Why you should go wave kitesurfing in Cape Town


Looking for one of the best wave kiting spots in the world? A place where the conditions are almost always perfect? Where you can hit wave after wave? Roderick will give you a few reasons why you should go wave kitesurfing in Cape Town.

“Cape Town has it all”

Written by Roderick Pijls

Everyone in the world knows Cape Town for its history, culture and nature (even if you are not a kitesurfer or having any affinity with the ocean). But, nowadays, Cape Town is getting more and more known for its amazing conditions that it is offering for kitesurfing. It has something special, it is a place that you will never forget. And a country where you will keep traveling back to once you’ve visited it once. Why you should go wave kitesurfing in Cape Town? In my opinion; Cape Town has it all! It is one of the best wave kiting spots in the world.

Table View

Normally, I always have an apartment in Table View area. It’s a place where you are able to combine everything. It has a great infrastructure, 20 minutes drive from a world-city and an amazing wine- and food culture. But the most important thing is (in my opinion) that it holds several best spots of the world for kitesurfing. That is why you should go wave kitesurfing in Cape Town.

It picks up a lot of swell

During wind season there’s on average 5 out of 7 days wind. And then I mean enough wind for the 7m. As Cape Town is exposed to the ocean, it picks up a lot of swell. There’s almost everyday a wave to find. Sometimes it’s a bit smaller on the Table View side, but then you can drive towards Scarborough or Llandudno. While witnessing one of the most beautiful surroundings and environments you will ever see. And still be able to find a beautiful peeling wave after all. 

Endless kitesurfing possibilities

For kitesurfing it holds many spots along the coast. It offers approximately 15 spots on a driving distance of 20 minutes by car from each other. All these spots are spread out and has different conditions to offer. Are you a beginner, advanced or pro? It doesn’t matter, there are options to bring your skills to the next level. The first time I travelled to Cape Town I was still mainly on a twin-tip. Nowadays, I am mainly riding on a directional/ strapless kiteboard and I am having the best time of my life in South Africa. As there are so many challenging conditions to find. 

Hitting wave after wave

Often I do a downwinder from Sunset Beach to KiteBeach. This is approximately 8km long. The beaches are empty. With a few people in front- or behind me and I am able to hit wave after wave. Trying new techniques, learning new tricks and having fun with friends on the water. 

Photoshoots with golden sunset light

If the waves are getting bigger and I am looking for a serious training session, I often drive a bit more downwind along the coast. For example, I will kite at DerdeSteen or at Haakgat beach. These beaches are able to pick up a little bit more swell and are also able to hold it better. The waves are forming into a steeper and more powerful face that gives me the opportunity to really perform in the best possible way. If we are filming or working together with a photographer, we often kite and shoot here. Next to the fact that the waves are having a bit better shape on these spots, we also have the beautiful Table Mountain in the background. Combined with a golden sunset light I am always enjoying it till the last minute.

Summer in Cape Town

Summer in Cape Town is between December and March, this has the benefit that it is sunny and warm, but also that there’s almost 16 hours of daylight. As I am really an outdoor person it is something that gives me that extra boost to get up early for a morning surf session or go out for another sunset kite-session with friends. 

Food culture

Once I am home again, and often completely destroyed from 3 sessions, I am too late for the supermarket to get grocery for cooking at home. Even though I really like to cook at home, the food and the value you get for your money in Cape Town is something spectaculair. Table View has many amazing restaurants where you are able to find all different kinds of food. From ‘normal restaurants’ (salad bars/ sushi/ fresh caught fish) to top-notch ‘fine-dining restaurants’ with a wine assortment that makes me want to go back now. 

To be honest, I see myself visiting this country at least once a year as it just has it all to train for my sport, to feel at home and to enjoy life to the fullest.