Appleslice Surf, first impression by Foil the World


Let’s see what Brian from Foil the World has to say about the Appleslice Surf! The Appleslice Surf is one of our latest editions in the foil range. As you can see the shape is a bit different from most boards currently on the market. There are quite some liters packed into the small outline. The Appleslice Surf provides maximum performance and controlled rides. The concave deck means you’re closer to the foil, for a more direct feeling.

Brian gives his first impression about the construction and the shape of the Appleslice Surf and also talks about the Pro Foil Surf he’s been surfing for almost a year now.

We can’t wait for Brian his review once he has tested the Appleslice Surf in his home spot in Kauai, Hawaii!

Read more about the Appleslice Surf, all the technical details and custom options. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.