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Pro-foil Surf

The surf foil board you won’t outgrow

With the Pro foil surf you will catch waves real easy, foil, pump around and connect wave after wave. Perfect if you just started surf foiling, because you won’t outgrow this surf foil board!

Making it real easy to catch waves

The Pro Foil Surf is the result of a long research in foil board design. We opted to go for a boat hull bottom on the Pro foil and that is for a reason. When foiling you want the most efficient paddle. That is the only thing that’s really important. The faster and more efficient you can paddle, the earlier you can catch a wave. There is reason that all boat have the same type of hull. It is the most effective and stable bottom shape and it keeps you in a straight line.

Then when you catch the wave and the foil start to lift, you want the board to release. A lot of modern foil boards have deep double concaves, but these do the exact opposite! Concaves make a board stick to the water as the water flow is not guided to release. A boat hull naturally guides the water to a central point and releases much better. Also when you hit an upcoming section during the ride.

The pro-foil is available in two ranges:

The V range, for “volume”. These boards have more volume. They are thicker and have more paddle power. For beginner to intermediate riders.

The S range for “slim”. These boards are for the true foil pro that can paddle into anything. It’s made thinner, for low weight and more control.

Board features

The Pro Foil can be ordered with inserts for foot straps, in both the goofy and regular position as standard. We use an ultra high density foam block for the foot straps, that will add only minimal weight. Perfect for riding with straps, but also for tow in foiling and kite foiling.

This board is super light and stiff, to give the best response. You can really feel the foils every move and control accordingly. We used our experience in building the lightest and strongest carbon kiteboards to now also build the lightest and strongest foil board possible.

Two Futures US boxes connect the foil to your carbon paddle foil board. The boxes are positioned in the most common configuration at 90mm to accept most foils in the market. This connection system is the strongest and lightest available. The boxes are set in a high density PET honeycomb, that in term is sandwiched in carbon. So there is carbon fibre inside the board as well. This makes the foil connection ultra strong, and really stiff for the perfect energy transfer from board to foil.

The Pro-foil comes with a pro finish in matte finish, in the colour of your choice.

Pro-foil V

Length Width Thickness Volume
4’2” 19.6” 3.3” 34,5L
4’4” 19.7” 3.3” 36,1L
4’6” 19.8” 3.3” 37,7L
4’8” 19.9” 3.3” 39,5L
4’10” 20” 3.3” 41,1L
5’0” 20.1” 3.3” 42,7L

Pro-foil S

Length Width Thickness Volume
4’2” 19.2” 2.3” 23.7L
4’4” 19.3” 2.3” 24.9L
4’6” 19.4” 2.3” 26.1L
4’8” 19.5” 2.3” 27.4L
4’10” 19.6” 2.3” 28.7L
5’0” 19.7” 2.3” 30L


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Appletree Pro surf foil board
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