Foiling topics

This foiling knowledge base is filled with all kinds of foiling related topics. Articles intended for your entertainment and to refine your knowledge of foiling. For example where to find the best places in the world for foiling? We answer the most common questions asked about foiling. We will give you some reasons why you should start foil surfing. And tips are given for people who want to start foiling. But you will also find information about the best foil board constructions and foil board shapes. We’ll cover it all in this knowledge base.

Are you still missing some specific information? Take a look at our blog where more topical items are posted.¬†Like test events, new shapes or news from our factory in Portugal. Don’t feel like reading? Almost all the information is also available on our YouTube channel. We’ve created multiple playlists with board videos, Tech-Talk videos, foil adventures and more.