Best wave kite spots

Where does a professional strapless kitesurfer travel to for the best kite spots?

Written by Roderick Pijls


My top 3 best wave kite spots in the world

As a professional kitesurfer I am traveling 8 months of the year to the most exotic and astonishing locations in the world. Last year I traveled to (among other locations) Mauritius, Morocco and Brazil. All these locations offer some of the best conditions for kitesurfing. But each location has its own speciality and excels in something different. 


Brazil, known for it’s consistent winds

Brazil is really known for its incredible stable and consistent winds. I’ve been here for more than 7 years in a row. Usually I stay 1 to 3 months. And each time I get surprised how consistent the wind is. Honestly, I am not over-exaggerating, I can count the no-wind days for the past 7 years on my 2 hands. Every morning, around 8am the wind starts building up to a steady 15-20 knots (near the Cumbuco area) and can sometimes reach wind-speeds up to 25 knots. During the evening/sunset hours the wind normally dies out again and comes back the next morning around 8 am.


wave kite spot in Brazil on a Appletree wave kiteboard


Kitesurfing in board shorts 

If we travel a bit more north from Cumbuco (Prea or Jericoacoara) the wind timing and direction is exactly the same. However we can always calculate 10 to 15 extra knots compared to Cumbuco. It’s incredible how consistent the wind is on that side of the world during summer time. Cumbuco is known for its twin-tip conditions; butter-flat lagoons that are perfect for freestyle. Though, if we stay on the ocean-side, there are very often fun waves that you’ll encounter while doing a downwinder. The waves can get up to head high that are ideal for strapless kitesurfing. As a wave-rider you can enjoy yourself 12 hours a day with these waves. The next big advantage of Brazil is that the water temperature is approximately 25 Celsius. Which gives you the chance to kitesurf in your board-shorts without getting the chillies. 


Mauritius, a paradise for wave riders

If we leave the warm, sandy beaches from Brazil behind us and travel towards another paradise on earth; Mauritius. Another pearl in the middle of the Indian Ocean and also ranks as one of the best wave kite spots for me. The wind is a bit less consistent, as it is really hard to beat Brazil wind-wise. But we normally have, approximately, 5 out of 7 days suitable wind conditions in Mauritius.

This paradise is really known for the wave-riders, as it holds one of the best waves in the world: One Eye. This is a world-class wave, where the GKA world-tour has been held several years in a row. It is a challenging wave for advanced to pro-riders. However, Mauritius also holds several other waves that are suitable for beginners and and for riders trying a directional kiteboard for the first time. So, you can start working your way up. Which makes it ideal to progress quickly at 1 spot.

Lagoons for strapless freestyle

Next to the several waves, there’s also a humongous lagoon in front of your doorstep where twin-tip riders and strapless freestyle riders can kite and have an amazing time. It is deep enough to not hurt yourself, but you are still able to touch the bottom of the lagoon to keep a safe feeling. The crystal clear waters and blue skies are an ideal environment to enjoy your well-deserved breaks in between sessions and to appreciate the island. Normally I always wear a small wetsuit, shorty 3/2. I had many sessions without a wetsuit, but after 2 hours I normally get a bit chilly. It feels a bit more comfortable wearing a thin suit. 

Also, what I really like about Mauritius is, that if there is a day or 2 no wind, then there is always the opportunity to dive with dolphins or whales. The island is a paradise for sea-life. There is loads of beautiful creatures living underneath the surface. If you are lucky, you even get the chance to kite with a dolphin.

A gem in the sahara

If we are talking about my personal best kite spots, morocco has to be on the list. This place is the pearl of the desert and situated in the Sahara. It has something special and unique to be surrounded by so much sand and emptiness. You are able to really relax and enjoy a full-board accommodation to focus 100% on your progression and to bring your kite skills to the next level.

Dakhla offers 350 days wind of the year and it is super consistent. There are 2 mains spots: the lagoon and the speedspot. If you are a twin-tip rider and looking for the flattest water on earth, then you should be here. I’ve never seen any waters flatter than this and combined with the great atmosphere this is the place to enjoy and push your kitesurfing level. 


Brazil, Mauritius and Morocco are 3 destinations I try to visit each year. As these are amazing spots to enjoy life, learn a new culture, spend as much time as possible on the water and to bring your kitesurfing skills to the next level!!