First Dutch Foil Surfing Championship great success!


Written by Martijn van Hoek:

Credits: JP van Popta

Hydrofoil Surfing, it sounds like something special, and it is. A hydrofoil surfboard is a surfboard with a mast under the board and a large wing that generates upward pressure when it gets speed through the energy of the wave. This causes the board to rise a little above the water and it feels like you are flying. Foil surfing is a new sport that has come over from Hawaii and is becoming more and more popular in The Netherlands.

Credits: JP van Popta
Board: Appleslice Surf foil

Endless waves

The North Sea is not known for the best waves, but for foiling The Netherlands is ideal because hydrofoils are very efficient and you can ride the wave much longer than you could with a normal surfboard. “Foiling is endless surfing and it’s like flying”. “It’s fantastic”, says an enthusiastic Erik Rijsenbrij (41), foil surfer from the very beginning and co-organiser of the NK Foil surfing that was held in IJmuiden aan Zee on Sunday 11 October.

Credits: JP van Popta
Board: Appletree Pro Foil Surf

Corona proof

It was a corona-proof, rider-only event with participants from all coastal regions of the Netherlands and even Biarritz. The waves were hip-high and the 20 riders showed great turns, connections and even some jumps. Just like normal golf surfing, the participants were judged by the professional jury on speed, power and flow.

Credits: JP van Popta

And the winners are…

Everyone did everything they could to win, with the following result:

  1. Kevin Langeree
  2. Chucho Nonnot
  3. Martijn van Hoek
Credits: JP van Popta