How we deal with sustainability


As a group of surfers we all love to travel around the world to the sickest places and surf the best spots in the world. But we’re also aware of the amount of waste we’re all producing together. And the gases we emit. How we deal with waste and sustainability? Read More!

Clean Shaping Bay

Let’s start with our new shaping factory in Portugal. We’re aiming to be one of the cleanest surfboard factories in the world. All the gases we emit during our production process will be filtered by systems, so that no harmful substances will emitted. That means clear air for the world, and for our shapers of course. Also there’s no bad smell and all the dust is collected. All to keep it clean as possible, so that our shapers can do what they do best: producing surfboards.

Foam Scraps 

All the foam scraps are collected. A part of the foam scraps we use as board protection inside the package. So the your board makes it to you in a mint condition. The rest is recycled straight back into new foam and other products. No foam is wasted!


Bio epoxy resin

Our production process makes it possible to carefully mix resin for each board, so there is very little excess. Speaking of resin, we only use the best resin with the highest possible bio content available. We keep looking for new materials. If anything comes up with the same technical properties, we immediately switch.


What’s next? 

We are working on a revolutionary new way of recycling and reclaiming the materials. So that when the board eventually reaches the end of it’s life, it still can be reused. Together with a large research facility in The Netherlands we are working on a process that seperates the fibers from the foam core and the resin in such a way the fibers can be used again! This process is still in a very early stage, but we hope to set up a collection system for old boards so they can be reclaimed!

Sustainable Surf

Appletree Surfboards is officially approved by Sustainable Surf, a non profit organization promoting sustainable surfboard production. Find out more at