The Apple Peeler


Applepeeler big waves

Introducing the Apple Peeler

We would like to introduce you to your new best friend in serious peeling waves! The Apple Peeler lets you get in tune with the wave instead of worrying about the board. It will give you control when you want it the most!

The Apple Peeler design is influenced by the tow-in surfboards we’ve made for some big wave riders. Big wave tow-in surfing has quite a lot of similarities with kite surfing as there is no paddling involved like in normal surfing. With kitesurfing, we can just focus on how the board behaves on the wave and at speed.

For peeling waves

The Apple Peeler isn’t just for the extreme stuff, it comes into its own at head high waves and above. But get ready to surpass yourself, because that is what this board will awaken in you! Big waves and strong winds mean you will come off the wave at high speed. Keeping your board connected to the water is essential in these conditions. The longer and thin, refined hard edged rail will give you the control you need at those high speeds. The tail is a straight swallow that further elongates the rail and keeps it straight for longer. The single to double concave bottom will give you optimal feedback at high speeds, especially combined with the 3 fin thruster set up. It’s all about control in pumping conditions!

Applepeeler: kiteboard big waves strong winds

Going stronger is best!

Afraid that the force of the wave will break your board? Don’t worry, the Apple Peeler comes with strap inserts as standard and will only be made in extra reinforced build strengths in both carbon and glass fibre constructions. Appletree boards are already known for their durability, and with the extra reinforced construction we even have stepped it up a notch. As the board is designed for riding the big stuff, going stronger is best! 

kiteboard for big waves

Are you ready?

Are you ready for the adrenaline rush, the sound of crashing waves and the beating that makes you feel more alive than ever? Get to know the Apple Peeler design better!