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The adrenaline rush, the sound of crashing waves and the beating that makes you feel more alive than ever. Kiting big waves is all about being present in the moment and pushing your limits. The Apple Peeler kiteboard is for those who want the highest level of control when kiting in big waves. 

The Apple Peeler design is influenced by the tow-in surfboards we’ve made for some big wave riders. It’s a complete redesign with roots in the highly successful Appleflap and Appleflap Noseless boards that Appletree has made for years. Big wave tow-in surfing has quite a lot of similarities with kite surfing as there is no paddling involved like in normal surfing. With kitesurfing, we can just focus on how the board behaves on the wave and at speed. The Applepeeler lets you get in tune with the wave instead of worrying about the board. 


Key board features


Full nose shape, with narrow swallow tail

The Apple Peeler has a longer rail line to allow the best connection with the water as at high speed this is essential. The tail is a straight swallow that further elongates the rail and keeps it straight for longer. This helps with keeping control. 

Thin refined rail

The narrow outline is the next important key feature as the thinned out and hard edged rail helps with control at high speeds. 

Single to double concave bottom

This is the go-to bottom for control giving optimal feedback at high speeds. Combined with the 3 fin thruster set up, this bottom gives more control the faster the water travels through the fin cluster. 

Reinforced construction and inserts

The Apple Peeler has full inserts as standard, plus a beefed-up construction. As the board is designed for riding the big stuff, going stronger is best. When riding big waves at high speeds straps have a definite use as the slightest bump can send you off the board and straps eliminate this.

However we advise you to take the back foot out of the strap when kiting upwind as you will then need to put more pressure on the front of the board.

The Apple Peeler can also be ridden strapless which we encourage when the waves are smaller, although the straps also allow for twin-tip style jumps when waiting for the next set to arrive!

Size range

The Peeler comes in 3 sizes, 5’5”, 5’7” and 5’9” which should suit most riders. As always, custom sizes can be ordered, just contact us with your wishes.

Board Characteristics

Skill level








Low Wind




High wind




Strapless freestyle




Wave Performance

Wave height


head high

double overhead

Wave power

















APPLEPEELER Width Thickness Volume Surfer weight *
5’5″ 17.5″ 2.05″ 21 L <70 KG
5’7″ 18.00″ 2.11″ 23 L 70-85 KG
5’9″ 18.50″ 2.18″ 25 L >85 KG





*This is an indication and will also depend on your skills and fitness

4 reviews for Applepeeler

  1. Ivar

    I’ve been kiting for 20 years now and picked up strapless waveriding 8 years ago. Next to that I do a lot of kite-foiling. On average I kite around 120 sessions a year and travel at least once per year to a wave spot (Indonesia, Cape Town). I own a Appletree Appelflap, a Malus Domestica and a mini-foil.
    On kites my quiver is a 5, 7 and 9 Duotone Neo (SLS).

    About the board. I tested it twice this weekend. On a downwinder from Sunset to Haakgat (25+ knots on the 7 and waves around 4-6 feet) and on a downwinder from Sunset to Blouberg (20-23 knots, waves were smaller, max 3-4 feet)

    First impression. The board is very playful, versatile and stable. Based on my experience I would place it right between the Malus and the Appelflap. It’s a forgiving board and although the nose is quite nervous, the board as a whole is pretty stable. It rides pretty light. I’m kind of impressed with the upwind performance. In clean waves the board is a joy to ride. Very smooth and the swallow-tail makes top turns relatively easy. On waves up to 6 feet the Applepeeler has more grip on the cutback and bottom turn than the Appelflap. The Appelflap can be quite unforgiving when you don’t fully commit to a snap cutback on the lip, but the Peeler makes that a lot easier due to it’s tail.

    Compared to the Malus it feels like riding it has more detail. A better response from the water when riding. Compared to the Appelflap it is light and thin, the Appelflap is more robust what I prefer when conditions are less clean. The Appelflap feels more solid in overhead and chop.

    I rode it with thruster set-up. Haven’t had the chance to ride quad, but with the upwind performance on thruster I doubt that quad is necessary.

    Concluding I think the Peeler is a great follow-up for the Malus when, as a kiter, you want to improve your riding. Personally I would consider to swap my Malus for a Peeler, because of the response and playfulness.

    Mind you that I rode it strapless. With straps it might hold better in (double) overhead, but didn’t get a chance to test that.

  2. Peter

    Conditions: 20-40 Knots
    Location: Capetown
    Kite size : 5 and 7m
    Wave height: 1-3m
    Set-up: Strapless Truster

    Board feels balanced, light and playful immediately when you ride away, the swallow tail gives massive grip in bottom and top turns. The board is bit looser in the tail compared to mine Appelflap Noseless. I wonder if a quad vin Set-up shall make it less loose.

    The Peeler can be ride aggressive due his excellent grip.

    In choppy conditions until 30 knots the Peeler handles well, above 30 knots is getting nervous and mine Appelflap handles that better.

    Upwind ability is compared to mine Appelflap Noseless much better.

    Wave height:
    Smaller and higher waves for the Peeler is no problem all are cut in to pieces pretty easy. When fully overpowered it’s harder to get the nose of the board in the right direction at the top turn. Possible due to the length of the board the appelflap noseless handles that better.

  3. Victor (verified owner)

    Have a Malus Domestica and an Convertible (Klokhouse Noseless with foil rails) and used this board today for the first time in Cape Town and fell in love. Did a downwinder from Sunset to Holbaai with a 5 and think windrange of 25-32. Waves started waist high but from Big Bay on had some head-high to little bit overhead high and felt amazingly comfortable. Really must be the board. Could build up lots of speed and also riding down the wave everything felt stable. Just amazed and love this board. Just watch the channel where Appletree explains what this board is for and if you go out in these kind conditions you will never regret buying it. I went for the S-glass/S+.

  4. Oliver

    After using my Applepeeler 5’7 in a lot of different conditions for a year now, I can say without a doubt that I really like it a lot!

    It has a nice grip in steep walls and surprisingly it is much more than a stable high speed down the line rocket as it also allows for very tight turning if you commit to it. I love the feeling when the flex in a nicely carved bottom turn seems to accellerate the board. For sure the traits of this board are way beyond my abilities and give me the confidence to push harder in more demanding conditions.

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kiting in big waves
kiting in big waves