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Appleslice Wing foil board

Appleslice Wing board

Light, responsive, compact, fast. That pretty much sums up the Appleslice Wing foil board! 

Wing surfing, or wing foiling, has taken a huge leap lately. And so has the understanding of what equipment is best to ride. We have made plenty prototypes of this wing foil board to find a shape that works for most riders in most conditions. We have made 5 sizes to accommodate beginner to advanced. 

Real experienced riders might find it possible to get started on a super low volume board. But most riders will want a board with a volume in Liters around their body weight in KG. Better riders can go slightly under their weight and beginners a bit over. Also for easy cruising in light winds and on flat water a bigger size is much easier to handle.

Board features

The shape of the Appleslice Wing is compact and fairly thick. This is to get as many liters as possible in the compact shape. This compact outline and short length is really important for wing foiling. Imagine a big board balancing on a small foil mast. This is a huge swing weight, that slows all movement down and makes quick turns impossible. For learning this can be an advantage as it is more stable, but the learning curve in wing foiling is pretty quick, so you will not enjoy a big shape for long. 

The bottom of the Appleslice Wing features a 4 way “boat hull” in the front. This splits the water and makes it possible to accelerate quickly. The middle part has a 3 stage with a flatter part in the middle. This provides a quick planing surface, but it is small enough that it will not stick to the water’s surface when releasing and rising on the foil. Behind the foil box, there is an aggressive kick that further helps with release. 

The deck is concave, to lock your knees in when you get going. It also gives a real secure platform to stand on. The Appleslice Wing has inserts for foot straps as standard and comes with a comfy 3mm EVA traction on the whole deck. The board is more than strong enough to do crazy airs and jumps. Which makes wing surfing so fun! 

Tech details

The Appleslice Wing is super light and stiff, to give the best response. You can really feel the foils every move and control accordingly. We used our experience in building the lightest and strongest carbon kiteboards to now also build the lightest and strongest foil board possible.

Two Futures US boxes connect the foil to your carbon foil board. The boxes are positioned in the most common configuration at 90mm to accept most foils in the market. This connection system is the strongest and lightest available. The boxes are set in a high density PET honeycomb, that in term is sandwiched in carbon. So there is carbon fibre inside the board as well. This makes the foil connection ultra strong, and really stiff for the perfect energy transfer from board to foil.

Special Features

The Appleslice Wing comes with scratch proof matte finish, in white with the carbon shining through. 

It has inserts for foot straps as standard and comes with a comfy 3mm EVA traction on the whole deck.




It all starts with the core and every board we make starts with a foam core of our very own 50K closed cell foam. This foam is formalized exclusively for us, it is not used in any other board in the market.

The foam can withstand 50.000 kg per square meter, while staying very light, and most of all very flexible. Another plus of our 50K foam is that it is closed cell, meaning that the foam will not take in water, and the board will not blow out when it gets hot.



All our foil boards are produced in our 100% carbon fiber construction. You want carbon fiber in a foil board for its stiffness and strength. A stiff board will give you the best control and response from the foil. Also stiffness will make pumping the foil much more effective. With carbon fiber we are able to make the board extremely strong while really light at the same time.

The most stress in a foil board is in the connection of the foil to the board. So this is where we put extra care and attention to make it the strongest connection available. The foil mount is CNC cut with the board, for the highest precision. We only use FUTURES oneshot boxes as they are the strongest in the industry.  The boxes are placed in a panel of ultra high density PET honeycomb. This PET honeycomb itself is sandwiched in carbon again. Meaning there is carbon fiber both inside the board and outside. The honeycombs open structure ensures a solid connection between inside and outside, fusing everything together into a solid block.

Our lamination is completely different as well. We use a vacuum technique developed in house, where we layer all the carbon fiber, and reinforcements on the board dry. Then we extract all the air from the bag and inject the epoxy resin under pressure. This results in the tightest lamination possible, with the best ration between fiber and epoxy. It also gives 100% connection to the core so the boards do not delaminate. Extra patches under the feet prevent heel denting.

Inserts in our foil range are made from blocks of high density material. And can be customized position wise. These blocks are also fused to the core so they never pull out.

Appleslice WING Width Thickness Volume
4’5” 22.0” 2.68”  35L
4’7” 22.9” 3.44”  50L
4’9” 23.8” 4.17”  70L
5’2” 24.7” 4.52”  90 L
5’7” 25.59” 4.74”  110L





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  1. Wieger Buurma (verified owner)

  2. Frank

    I purchased the 4ft 9in x 70 liter, I weight 160lbs. I have owned Kalama, Armstrong, Quattro & Fanatic boards to date. Weight of the board built is 12lbs 12 oz. This board is high performance. It feels very sensitive and responsive to any foot input. I also find that my foot stance is more in the center due to how responsive it is. The stance width is spot on regarding insert placement. (24″ stance width) The appleslice is in a category by itself making it the BEST board I have ever ridden on a wing foil. Regarding construction – i received the board and the box had a 6 x 8″ hole in it. I was very concerned that the board would be damaged extensively, but to my delight the board only had a small compression ding. So build quality is as advertised – Stellar! The light wind performance is very good and the hull shape seems to lend itself from freeing up from the water and coming up onto foil. Don’t hesitate on getting one!!!

  3. Stefano G

    After few months on a 6ft board, 120lts, I wanted to switch to a board with more compact dimensions yet with enough liters to support me (I am 90kg / 200lbs). I saw Nuzzo’s review @ Real and I had a friend in NYC who got one and talked a great deal about the Appleslice, hence I pulled the trigger on a 5’7″.
    I was very hesitant when I first got the board on the water. Would I been able to take off as well as I did with a board I was familiar with? Would the more compact size affect stability when winds is light? I got on the board and boom…flew on foil right of the bat. The compact size and the shaped tail DOES REALLY promote fast take offs. I was speechless. I was up and riding as this was the board I been using forever. I am so pumped I got this board and I wold recommend it to anybody looking to progress and improve in this great sport

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