Red Bull King of the Air 2021


Team Rider, Luke McGillewie: A chance to participate in Red Bull’s King of the Air 2021 event

Video entry Red Bull’s King of the Air 2021

Team rider Luke McGillewie from South Africa has a chance to be selected for Red Bull King of the Air 2021 competition event in Cape Town, South Africa. King of the Air is a big air contest in which the best kiteboarders in the world compete against each other. Kiteboarders from all over the world had the chance to send Red Bull a video of their biggest and most technical airs. McGillewie decided to upload a video in which he showed his aerial skills on both a twintip and his Appletree Surfboards strapless kite surfboard Luke’s Leaf model. At this point, Red Bull is analyzing all videos in order to select between 7-11 riders to enter the event. McGillewie expects to receive Red Bull’s final decision by the end of December. 

Video by Crystal Veness

Will Luke be the second strapless kite surfer ever participating?

He has got quite some experience, since he participated in Red Bull’s King of the Air two times already. However, both times he entered by riding a twintip kiteboard and never on a strapless kite surfboard. Doing big airs on a strapless kiteboard is much more difficult compared to a twintip. Because of the size of the board and the need for the kite surfer to hold the board in their hands or in-between their legs while flying high into the air. If Red Bull decides to select McGillewie with his Appletree Surfboards Luke’s Leaf model board, then he would be the second strapless kite surfer that has ever participated in this event. 

Red Bull’s final decision

We are very excited and proud that Luke has the chance to be selected and we can’t wait to hear Red Bull’s final decision. We wish him the best of luck and we are very happy to have him as our team rider. All things considered, an exciting end of this year!