Skeleton bay, Namibia: on the bucket list of many surfers


Rumors quickly buzzed through in Cape Town. The weather forecasts were very promising for Skeleton Bay. All conditions would come together perfectly. Teamrider Roderick Pijls had only landed a few days before in the capital of the Western Cape province. But immediately packed his gear again. Searching for the perfect wave in Namibia. The wave that is known for its endless barrels that touch perfection.

Photo credit: Jop Heemskerk

A trail of whale skeletons

To get to Skeleton Bay you first have to brave the Namib desert. The approximately 150 kilometer wide desert stretches along the Atlantic coast over a length of approximately 2000 kilometers. The Skeleton Coast covers a length of around 700 kilometers. The combination of fog, strong surf and unpredictable currents has traditionally made Skeleton Coast dangerous for ships and whales. The coast owes its name to the many whale skeletons. Which unfortunately were mainly the result of whale hunting. But it also owes its name to all the shipwrecks. Caught by offshore rocks and fog.

Photo credit: Jop Heemskerk

A wave looming in the desert

After 22 hours of driving, it finally appears, the legendary spot. The stoke is real. Time to find out why the wave is called an extremely challenging one. Check the full video!

skeleton bay surf
Photo credit: Steven Akkersdijk