Franck Vader

In short

  • Name: Franck Vader
  • Date of Birth: december, 23
  • Hometown: Santo Isodoro
  • Favourite spot: São Lourenço
  • Favourite Appletree Surfboard: Appleflap

The passion to keep inventing is deeply rooted in the DNA of Appletree Surfboards. That’s why there are constantly things to rediscover, adjust and take another look at. We are very happy to have Franck with us, because he is the guy that provides focus. He ensures that the process of developing and offering of the boards is done as efficiently as possible. So that you receive your new board in best condition and can get in the water as soon as possible!

Franck has a sharp mind, loves to be in the water and enjoys hosting bbq’s in his garden for everyone. He is always in control, except during carnival when he wears his horse costume.

Franck Vader

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