Mathieu Duchier

In short

  • Name: Mathieu Duchier
  • Date of Birth: July 27th, 1992
  • Hometown: Lahaina, Hawaii
  • Favourite spot: G-Land in Indonesia
  • Favourite Appletree Surfboard: Apple Skipper prone 4’6"

We are excited to welcome Mathieu Duchier to the Appletree Surfboards team! Mathieu hails from Reunion Island and now calls Lahaina, Hawaii, his home.

His surfing journey began in 1998 on Mauritius Island. In 2019, Mathieu ventured into the world of foiling during a trip to Siargao, Philippines, instantly falling in love with the endless possibilities it offered. What drives him the most in foiling is the fact that he can get adrenaline rushes in knee-high average condition, so basically everyday!

Mathieu embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle by purchasing second-hand and used items, considering it a positive step towards reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Mathieu aims to compete in prone foiling competitions in Hawaii. In the pursuit of constant growth, Mathieu has set goals for himself. He aims to enhance his air game, soaring higher, landing rotations, and seamlessly blending aerial maneuvers with graceful carves. Additionally, he looks forward to learning the art of SUP downwinding, expanding his riding repertoire.

Apart from his water sports endeavors, Mathieu’s passion extends to capturing riders through his camera lens, which doubles as his profession.


Mathieu  Duchier

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