Boards made to take a beating


You probably know that you can customize an Appletree kite surf or foil board with custom colours, strap inserts or custom sizes, exactly like you want it. But what happens when you ask 2 of Appletree’s board designers to go completely wild on a custom board art design?

Custom board art without any limitations

Besides being great board shapers, the guys in the factory have other great talents too. At Appletree Surfboards we try to encourage employee talents and team effort as much as possible. And because we are also always up for a little challenge, we challenged the guys to create a custom board art without any limitations.

Meet the artists

Meet Miguel Pereira and João Gomes Gago, who both love to create amazing art pieces. And what better than creating art on an Appletree Surfboard?

Miguel Pereira

If you are a proud owner of a custom Appletree surfboard, there is a big chance that Miguel created this art piece for you. He is our true epoxy hero for many years already! The artwork Miguel applies to the boards is part of the production process. The colour pigments are added to the epoxy and mixed by hand.

For this special art project he created “Fenix”, with clean lines and dreamy colour combinations, and “The Sight”, where he managed to create a marble effect with gold accents.

João Gomes Gago

Joao is actually a visual artist by profession, working mostly in the fields of drawing, printmaking, performance, and installation. His work has been exhibited worldwide.

João; “I see this board art project in a different way, not being just an experiment or a custom board with a pre-defined aesthetic. Here I intervene as a visual artist, transmitting my vision and my commitment as an author in the field of contemporary art.”

The work developed by João Gomes Gago on the Malus Domestica model, is born in the lamination phase and combines an aesthetic of appropriation of carbon fiber waste off-cuts on fiberglass.

Carbon fiber waste off-cuts on fiberglass

In another moment, abstract painting marks are juxtaposed with a printmaking technique – monotype – using pigmented epoxy.

In the context of production, exploring together the correspondences between art and board manufacture, a story of creation is told with gestures that are redefined by the expression of new beginnings.

Custom board art

The best thing about these custom art boards? They are for sale!

We value the support of local communities, therefore we have asked Miguel and João to choose a local charity where we will donate the profit of these boards to.

Do you want to get your hands on one of these one of a kind art boards? Read everything about the boards and the chosen charity on the board page.



Rise on foil. The Fenix (Phoenix) is a symbol of rebirth and immortality. A legendary bird that endlessly renews itself in the fire. The myth was originally based on the disappearance and reappearance of the Sun, but the Phoenix soon became an emblem of the rebirth of humankind and ultimately of the untamable human spirit to overcome difficulties.

Board: Pro Foil V2 4’7”/35,5L

Artist: Miguel Pereira

Price: €2149

Profits will be donated to a charity chosen by Miguel.

Custom board art surf foil board

Loose Strips

The laminated material provides a readymade surface that supports and facilitates unexpected visual juxtapositions, through the colour that moves between the board shapes and the sketchy strips.

Board: Malus Domestica 5’2”

Artist: João Gomes Gago

Price: €2149

Profits will be donated to a charity chosen by João

Custom board art kite surf board
Loose strips by JOÃO GOMES GAGO

The Sight

The world is a beautiful place. That’s how Miguel, Appletree’s epoxy artist, sees the world. His optimism is unbreakable and infectious. The world is filled with colour.

Board: Appleslice V2, 70L

Artist: Miguel Pereira

Price: €2299

Profits will be donated to a charity chosen by Miguel

Custom board art wing foil board