Target production time for custom boards is 8 weeks.

After confirmation of order we will inform you about the actual production time.

If you would like more customisation, feel free to contact us!


A lot of volume in a small package

Paralel rail planing hull, for those looking for a different feel while surfing. You can ride this board really small, because of the added width in the tail and nose, it hides quite a lot of volume in a small package.

Contrary to the Applepie, this boards needs an intermediate rider, it is a bit harder to get up to speed, but once the C.O.P. is going, it’s flying. The straight outline gives you the ability to draw tighter lines and snappier turns.

The wide tail makes it possible to reach incredibly high speeds down the line as there is very little drag. the deep and wide single concave helps as well

The C.O.P. comes with 5 finboxes as standard. We advise surfing the board with a quad setup as standard, but feel free to experiment!

When ordering a board custom from us, or any dealer you can choose the following options:

  • smaller or bigger than stock dims
  • squash-, square-, or swallowtail
  • Futures or FCS-2 fin boxes
  • custom color work  
  • name, phone number or anything else written on the stringer.



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