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Target production time for custom boards is 8 weeks.

After confirmation of order we will inform you about the actual production time.

If you would like more customisation, feel free to contact us!



The ultimate board for your average day

The Jonagold, the board that always surfs, from the weakest days to overhead waves.

An all-round fun shape with performance characteristics taken from longboards and mini Simmons’ models. It’s like this board generates it’s own speed. As soon as you get up, you go! So you can get your first turn in earlier. A very welcome thing to have in summer conditions where the waves are generally short lived. Surf this board small, but pay attention to the volume, of which you want lots!

Our team rider Kasper loves this board in 5’6” in almost all conditions. The bigger sizes (6’0 and 6’2) have proven to be a perfect step down from a mini-mal or beginner shape for intermediates that are looking for the next step in their progression.

When ordering a board custom from us, or any dealer you can choose the following options:

  • smaller or bigger than stock dims
  • standard diamond tail, but anything goes, as long as it’s wide
  • Futures or FCS-2 fin boxes
  • custom color work
  • name, phone number or anything else written on the stringer.
  • channels

JONAGOLD  Width Thickness Volume Surfer weight *
5’6” 21” 2.5” 34 L <70 KG
5’8” 21.2″ 2.6” 36 L 70-85 KG
5’10” 21.3″ 2.6” 37 L 70-85 KG
6’0” 21.4” 2.65” 38 L 85< KG
6’2” 21.4” 2.7” 40 L 85< KG

*This is an indication and will also depend on your skills and fitness

5 reviews for Jonagold

  1. Martijn van Hoek

    OMG. This board is AMAZING! It catches waves super easy, gets speed straight away when you take-off and it carves like crazy. I have never experienced a board creating so much speed out of the bottom turn and even out the cutback. It flows, it’s agile, It’s.. insane. I want 2!

  2. Ed (verified owner)

    Easily the best board I own. Asked for a custom size, and they were really helpful, and kept me updated on the progress! Thanks to all that put time and effort into making the board! Surfs incredible, easy to catch waves, and very responsive. Love it.

  3. Pim Juursema

    have a 5,8 “ custom , perfect for the dutch waves , realy easy to catch waves super responsive can not think of a better board for our conditions !!
    thanks Appletree !!!

  4. Mathijs Terranea

    Looking for my next step in mastering the choppy North Sea, I couldn’t think of a better board enabling me to ride more waves and be more agile. Once you find the sweet spot, you’ll paddle into waves you weren’t able to catch before with a board similar in size & shape. It feels amazing doing turns with the speed it generates after take-off. I have a 6’0″ and I couldn’t ask for a better compromise between volume and maneuverability. Can’t wait to surf this beauty in bigger conditions! Thanks team Appletree!

  5. Kasper Boonstra

    One of the best one board quiver’s i own. Super fun, responsive and very fast, mine is a 5’5” 35L (i’m 6’3, 88KG) i surf it in knee high slob in the north sea to grinding well overhead in Hossegor. Mine is in standard strenght and has handled the most severe beatings like a champ for many years now! Super stoked on it and love the custom options! Thanks Appletree!!!

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riding an Appletree Jonagold surfboard with cork pad