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White-line boards:

  • are available for order right now, in stock, with quick delivery worldwide
  • have teal FUTURES fin boxes as standard
  • are made in our standard construction, so proven to be strong
  • the Klokhouse Noseless has a Thruster fin set up as standard

If a size is not in stock, a back order can be placed. The delivery time will then be about 6 weeks.


Klokhouse Noseless White Line

Klokhouse Noseless White-line

The White-line boards are a selection of our best selling models and sizes. The Klokhouse Noseless is one of these best-selling models. White-line means a standard construction with no custom options and white in colour. You only have to choose the size, because we have already carefully selected the rest. White-line boards are available for order right now, in stock, with quick delivery worldwide. Check the tabs above for advice on the size.

All the advantages of a high performance surfboard but in a smaller package

The Klockhouse Noseless is our most allround wave kiteboard. By removing the nose of the board, it becomes easier to throw around as there is less swing weight. Secondly, traveling is made easier as the boards will fit in most kite bags. The overall performance of the board is almost identical to the normal Klokhouse performance surfboard.

It’s like kitesurfing on your everyday surfboard. The same flex, weight and feel that everyone loves when surfing, now available in a board that can cope with the board abuse that kitesurfing brings.

Board features

Based on a traditional high performance shortboard with a little added width in the middle, to make it friendly for average surfers. It has a fair bit of rocker in the nose which is flattened out in the tail, this makes the board plane earlier and helps upwind performance. The bottom features a balanced single concave throughout which gives maximum drive

Medium to thin rails make it grip the water and give you control at high speeds which are typical when kitesurfing. The squash tail is really thin for optimal feel with the water.


White-line Boards have FUTURES fin boxes as standard. The two side fin boxes are in teal color.

The deck of the white-line boards are lined with the hex-skin single layer sandwich with an extra internal patch under the front foot. This construction has proven to be more than strong enough for almost all riders, especially with a deck pad. White-line is the best balance in flex, weight and durability for most riders.

Want customization? Go to the custom boards.

Board Characteristics

Skill level








Low wind




High wind




Strapless freestyle




Wave Performance

Wave height



double overhead

Wave power




















Every board we make starts with a foam core of our very own 50K closed cell foam. This foam is formalized exclusively for us, it is not used in any other board in the market.

The foam can withstand 50.000 kg per square meter, while staying very light, and most of all very flexible. Another plus of our 50K foam is that it is closed cell, meaning that the foam will not take in water. And the board will not blow out when it gets hot.



The base of the white line board consists of three layers wrapped around the core. An internal structural fibreglass layer, a hex-skin flexible honeycomb layer and another structural fibreglass layer that is placed in a 45 degree orientation. This to keep the board as flexible as possible while making a very strong base. The bottom is left without honeycomb, again to maintain maximum flex.




This is the standard construction for kite wave surfing. Meaning true surfing with a kite. You can do the occasional freestyle jump, but in general these boards are made for the waves. The construction consists of the normal Kite+ construction, but without the internal 3mm honeycomb. Instead there is an extra biaxial fibreglass layer under the front foot. The construction is more than strong enough for everyday use, and you will not ding the board easily. After some time slight heel dents may appear, this is considered normal, and it will not weaken the board.

White-line S

Optionally, you can order the White-line in full S glass. This higher quality glass is stronger and more flexible. Because of this, we can use less fibreglass and this makes the board about 15-20% lighter. The White-line S is for who want the lightest, most flexible construction.

KHKNS Width Thickness Volume Weight* Surfer weight**
5’0″ 18.00″ 2.05″ 20.5 L 2.7 KG <70 KG
5’2″ 18.50″ 2.2″ 22.5 L 2.9 KG 70-85 KG
5’4″ 19.00″ 2.25″ 24,8 L 3.1 KG >85 KG





*The actual weight will differ slightly per board and can be about 5% less or more.
**This is an indication and will also depend on your skills and fitness

1 review for Klokhouse Noseless White Line

  1. Sanka F.

    If you’re looking for a high quality board, Appletree is the brand you’re looking for.

    I have the Klokhouse noseless 5”0 now for a longer period. Sticks on the water when you need it, riding 3m waves easy on it, on the drop in is has enough grip on the tail, it manages easy high speeds. Small waves I destroy with big spray. When you want to get air, kick it on the tail and it let go from the water. Hydrofoiling I’m doing on the pocketfoil 3”6 and I love it.

    This brand knows how to make boards!

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Gofko kitesurfing on the Appletree Klokhouse Noseless White Line
Wave kitesurfing on the Appletree Klokhouse Noseless White Line