Lorenzo Casati

In short

  • Name: Lorenzo Casati
  • Date of Birth: 25-11-2005
  • Hometown: Tenerife
  • Favourite spot: Tarifa

Meet the Casati Brothers!

Lorenzo and Leonardo Casati, hailing from Lake Como, Italy, have etched their names in the world of extreme water sports. Their journey, rooted in a passion for the sea and water sports, has seen them rise to remarkable heights.

Growing up in an environment that breathed sports, the Casati brothers inherited their zeal for athleticism from their father. Their father, who holds a master’s degree in sports, was one of the early pioneers of windsurfing and kitesurfing. With the sea as his muse, he ignited a profound love for these sports in his sons.

Athleticism runs in their veins, and from an early age, the brothers showcased their talents in the world of sports. Before their kitesurfing journey began, both Lorenzo and Leonardo held the title of Italian tennis champions, a testament to their natural sporting prowess.

Their true voyage into the world of water sports commenced when their father introduced them to the coastal paradise of Cabo Verde. It was here that they experienced the thrill of surfing and discovered their shared passion for the sea. As their father’s deep love for the sea resonated with them, they embraced water sports wholeheartedly.

Initially, kitesurfing seemed like a sport for older people, but moving to the Canary Islands reshaped Lorenzo’s perspective. Witnessing young enthusiasts master kitesurfing challenged him to excel in the sport. His newfound passion, in turn, ignited the same fire in his younger brother, Leonardo. The brothers embarked on a journey of healthy competition, pushing each other to greater heights, supported by the enthusiasm of their father, who took on the dual role of both coach and proud father.

Their devotion to kitesurfing and water sports is unwavering, reflected not only in their athletic achievements but also in their disciplined lifestyle. The Casati brothers have consciously chosen to steer clear of alcohol, drugs, and nightlife. Their entire focus is directed towards the water, where they find endless joy and fulfilment.

Lorenzo  Casati

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